Upcoming Events

In view of the corona virus outbreak the Potentate, Ill Sir William C. SWEET, has recommended the cancellation of all Club meetings and events until further notice.

The Club Executive, under recommendation of the Golf Committee, has cancelled the Annual Golf Tournament for this year. With many businesses closed and people out of work it would be unwise to solicit sponsors and golfers at this time.

GENERAL MEETINGS: We meet on the 3rd Tue of each month at 6:00 PM (Zem Zem), 6:30 PM (Dinner) (No meetings July and August) Wilberforce Legion, Wilberforce, ON

June 12th - 14th
Spring Ceremonial
Guelph, ON

July 5th - 9th
Imperial Session
Kansas City, Missouri

August 1st
ASC Golf Tournament

September 15th
General Meeting
Annual Barbecue

September 25th – October 7th
Potentates 2020
British Isles Cruise

November 14th
Fall Ceremonial
Rameses Center


June 13th
1:00 PM
Ceremonial Parade
Guelph, ON

July 1st
Apsley, ON

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